The Insight Analytical Automated Sampler

Consistent and accurate sample collection.  Anywhere and anytime.

Sample collection plays an essential role in maintaining and validating product quality. Usually, operations is left to manually collect samples whenever necessary. Unfortunately, manual sample collection is rife with problems and inconveniences. Sampling procedures can be inconsistent between operators introducing sampling errors and the sampling process itself can be both time consuming and dangerous.

The Insight Analytical automated floating piston sampler is designed to completely automate the sample collection process. In removing the human element it also removes the variance in collection technique, the risk to the health of your operators, and the time spent collecting and managing samples.

Automated Sampler Drawing

Features and Benefits

24 Hour Up Time: With minimal maintenance required and a variety of trigger options, the automated floating piston sampler is available 24/7. While the sampler can be triggered manually, it can also be triggered via digital outputs or a modbus interface freeing your operations staff to other projects.

Improved Safety: Manual sample collection is associated with a variety of  risks (such as exposure to toxic or flammable materials). Automatic sampling removes these risks and keeps your operators safe.

Automatic Record Keeping: Whenever a sample is collected, the sample location, date, and time are all automatically recorded in the historian. An operator need only copy this information down whenever they collect a cylinder.

Consistent Results: Every sample taken by the automated sampler is taken the same way guaranteeing sample consistency. Thanks to a built in magnetic indicator, every cylinder is filled to exactly 80% (the recommended capacity to account for expansion).

Floating Piston Sample Cylinders

The integrity of a sample is only as good as the integrity of the sample cylinder being used. Insight Analytical’s floating piston sample cylinders (also known as constant pressure sample cylinders) are designed to guarantee the accuracy of your sample and by extension, the accuracy of your results.

With an innovative “pre-charge” pressure system, both the sample panel and the sample cylinder are kept at a heightened pressure using an inert gas (such as nitrogen). Pressure can then be bled off from the sample cylinder allowing sample to enter without the risk of losing light ends.

Floating piston sample cylinders are available in 300cc, 500cc, and 1000cc capacities.

Piston Sample Cylinder

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