The Insight Analytical Composite Sampler

The best integrated solution for sampling hydrocarbon liquids, condensate, and natural gas liquids.

Composite Sampling

During normal operation, the composite sampler will collect thousands of individual samples that are all stored in the accumulator. These samples are mixed together and ultimately create a composite sample that represents the average of all collected samples over the collection period.

Built in level transmitters allow for automatic notifications to be sent in the event of a full accumulator.

Accumulators are available in 1.5, 3, and 5 gallon sizes (5.7, 11.4 and 18.9 liters respectively).

Phase Control

To maintain sample integrity, it is crucial that the sample is kept in a single phase at all times. Maintaining sufficient pressure is an essential element of this. The Insight Analytical composite sampler is designed to maintain a pre-charge pressure in both the accumulator and the sample collection cylinders. Since the pressure of the sample never changes, there is never an opportunity for the lighter ends to leave the liquid phase.

Built in pressure transmitters will provide an automatic notification should the pre-charge pressure drop.

Composite Sampler Full View
Composite Sampler Drawings

Features and Benefits

  • Sample pump can be mounted locally or remotely
  • Positive displacement pump with adjustable sample injections per stroke
  • ANSI 600# Piping Specifications
  • Built in tracking of pre-charge pressure in both accumulator and piston cylinders
  • Accumulator level measurement available both locally and remotely
  • Optional heated and insulated enclosure with gas detection and temperature control

Sample Collection

The Insight Analytical composite sampler allows for the aggregate sample to be directly transferred into constant pressure cylinders. This simplification of the sample collection process both improves the sample integrity and reduces the likelihood of sampling errors.

Floating Piston Sample Cylinders

The integrity of a sample is only as good as the integrity of the sample cylinder being used. Insight Analytical’s floating piston sample cylinders (also known as constant pressure sample cylinders) are designed to guarantee the accuracy of your sample and by extension, the accuracy of your results.

With an innovative “pre-charge” pressure system, both the sample panel and the sample cylinder are kept at a heightened pressure using an inert gas (such as nitrogen). Pressure can then be bled off from the sample cylinder allowing sample to enter without the risk of losing light ends.

Floating piston sample cylinders are available in 300cc, 500cc, and 1000cc capacities.

Piston Sample Cylinder

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