Innovative Electrical Heat Tracing Products and Solutions

Eltherm provides innovative electrical heat tracing systems and components designed for process analytical, control and automation applications. Eltherm’s state-of-the art manufacturing facilities located in Burbach Germany produce all common types of heating cables and accessories capable of providing freeze protection and process temperature control ranges up to 1,000 deg C (1,832 deg F) and are suitable for use in general purpose or hazardous area locations.

Eltherm specializes in custom engineered heat tracing products for process analytical applications, including tailor made electrically heat traced sample lines for high temperature/high dew point applications and heated jackets and blankets specifically manufactured for installation in hazardous areas.

For 25 years, Eltherm have been providing complete engineered heat tracing system solutions, including design, engineering and commissioning of entire plants in the chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas processing industries. Eltherm’s global footprint provides service and support from their offices located in Europe, Asia and North America.

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