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Custom Sample System Design

Sample handling and conditioning is crucial to any successful analyzer system installation. Insight Analytical’s team of scientists, engineers, and technologists have decades of experience covering all aspects of sample handling. Whether it’s for a gas or liquid phase application, at a hazardous or non-hazardous location, or as part of an at-line or extractive system, our integrated design solutions ensure that the analyzer receives a representative sample. Where required, our solutions can also ensure that the sample is handled properly to guarantee that it meets all required customer’s safety and environmental standards.

Our sample system experts have designed and installed hundreds of custom sample systems integrated with all commonly applied analytical technologies. Let us now design a custom solution for you.

Fabrication and System Integration

It’s a fact, not all analyzers or analyzer installations are created equal. Many process analytical devices require some amount of custom fabrication or integration to ensure a reliable, accurate and repeatable measurement. This could mean a simple winterization package, a fully integrated custom walk-in enclosure, or outdoor calibration panel. Regardless, Insight Analytical’s custom integration team can provide the required system based on either customer supplied specifications, or analyzer manufacturer recommendations. Our team of experts have over 75 years of combined experience with custom fabrication design and integration of process analytical instrumentation and have provided integrated systems for operation in the harshest climates.

Support and Training Capabilities

Insight Analytical provides full support capabilities, including pre-commissioning, start-up, preventative and scheduled maintenance services. Our field support staff is fully certified and factory trained to provide detailed analyzer, sample handling, and applications training. Contact our technical staff to book your training seminar today!