JP3 Technical Information

Verax Advantages

Features Benefits
Designed for field deployment
  • No analyzer house required
In-line measurement at process pressure and temperature
  • No sample conditioning
  • No sample transport
  • No sample disposal
Optical measurement
  • No consumables
  • No carrier gases
  • No calibration gases
  • No maintenance
Fast measurement times
  • Real-time process control
  • No waiting for lab analysis
  • Multiple stream measurement
Multi-stream measurement capability
  • Up to four streams per Verax
  • Lower cost per measurement point
Secure wireless communication
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Remote support capability

Verax CTX Overview

Features Benefits
1. Solid-state NIR spectrometer
  • Rugged & highly reliable
  • No drift or instability
2. Swept source laser design
  • Broad wavelength range (1350-1800 nm)
  • Full light intensity at each wavelength (able to measure from gas to crude residual)
3. Continuous wavelength & amplitude correction
  • Excellent repeatability
  • Excellent reproducibility (interchangeability)
  • Able to use library references for application development
4. Four independent detectors
  • High signal to noise performance
  • Four measurement streams per analyzer
  • Lower cost per stream
5. On-board processor & storage
  • Fast measurement cycle (~10 sec)
  • Data is never lost even if communication fails
6. Programmable Logic Controller
  • Communication with external systems
  • Flexible I/O capability
7. Wireless modem with firewall
  • Remote communication capability
  • Security of data and information

VeraSIGHT Overview

Features Benefits
1. Optical path flow cell
  • 316L SST & Sapphire construction
  • Maintains excellent optical alignment
  • Fouling resistant design
  • Easy to disassemble/reassemble
  • Very low maintenance
2. Process pressure transducer
  • Continuously monitor process pressure
  • Values stored historically
3. Process RTD
  • Continuously monitor process temperature
  • Values stored historically
4. Junction box
  • Secure termination of fiber optic cable
5. Process sample port
  • Easy access for sample collection
6. Isolation valves
  • Isolate from process with no shutdown
7. Other
  • ½” NPT connections
  • -10°F to 225°F (higher temps available)
  • 0 to 1500 PSIG
  • Gas or Liquid capability
  • Heater blanket optional

How It Works (Liquid Application)

How It Works (Gas Application)