Meet the Founders

The founders of Insight Analytical Solutions have an enormous amount of experience to the design, application and installation of process analyzers in the hydrocarbon processing and petrochemical industries. While many distributors of analytical products have a strong sales background, Insight prides itself on the depth of its understanding of markets, applications and technology. Based on this experience and expertise, our team is able to identify and implement exceptional solutions for our clients.

Phil has worked in R&D, product development and on-line analytical instrumentation for 30 yrs. After completing a Bachelor of Science in Physics and a Master’s in Physical Chemistry, he became a research scientist with Atomic Energy of Canada where he worked on the design of infrared, ultraviolet and neutron spectrometers. After a decade in the nuclear industry, Phil moved to Alberta in 1993 where he managed product development at Western Research and led the development of the Model 900 series of analyzers.

In 1998, Phil left Western Research (now AMETEK) to start a consulting business where he provided product and business development services to clients developing instruments for the upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas industries. These ranged from small start-ups developing well logging technologies for drilling applications, to large analyzer companies such as AMETEK, to end users such as Shell and Conoco.

During this period, he also developed extensive experience with analyzer sample systems and troubleshooting, and currently teaches internationally a five day course on Process Analyzer Sample Systems ( with Swagelok and Tony Waters). He is actively involved with the ISA Analysis Division and has received numerous awards including Member of the Year in 2011, the Excellence in Analytical Technical Innovation Award in 2012, and the GTFK award for best technical paper five times.

He is the author of over 30 technical papers. Phil currently lives in Calgary with his wife and three children.

Daniel Potter

Photo of Dan Potter

Daniel (Dan) Potter has been actively involved in process analytical instrumentation for over 22 years, working with various optical detection principles used for process control and optimization in the oil and gas industry, including UV/VIS photometry for measurement of sulphur compounds in oil and gas processing, NIR Tunable Diode Laser-based instruments for gas quality measurements and manual and automated chilled mirror devices for the detection of water and hydrocarbon dew point temperatures in natural gas.

Dan has held various positions with a major process analytical equipment manufacturer, including service engineering and technical support roles, as well as regional, domestic and international Sales Management and Marketing positions. In addition to serving as the VP of Sales and Marketing for Insight Analytical Solutions, Dan holds the position of President of Eltherm Canada Inc., a German manufacturer of specialized electrical heat tracing products.

Dan is an Electronics Engineering Technologist and holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. Dan lives in Burlington Ontario with his wife and three children.