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By SpectraSensors

SpectraSensors SS2000 Single Channel Analyzer for H2O, H2S, and CO2 is extremely reliable and tailored for the needs of the natural gas industry. The sensor measures gas using Tunable Diode Laser technology to determine the concentration of the gas without ever coming into contact. The SS2000 takes four measurements per second using a laser and detector, and immediately averages the results.


Original Equipment Manufacturer

- SpectraSensors SS2000


CSA Cl 1 Div 2 A,B,C,D, T3C
Class 1 Zone 2 IIC T3C
CSA Cl 1 Div 1 B,C,D T4
NEMA 3R, 4, 7, 9
NIST Traceable Cal

Fantastic Features

Virtually maintenance free - No glycol, methanol, amine contaminant interference.
Accurate, real-time measurements, No wet-up or dry-down delays.
Reliable in harsh environments.
No consumables mean short term payback.
NIST traceable calibration.
Additional features available – Optional RS485 communications, etc.

Amazing Applications

Moisture in Natural Gas.
Carbon Dioxide in Natural Gas.
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