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Exploring Moisture Analysis: The Moisture Generator Block

September 28, 2023 12:00 pm MST

We are back with more free webinars! Join Phil Harris in our latest webinar, where innovation meets application - Exploring Moisture Analysis: The Moisture Generator Block. Discover the device that's redefining gas analyzer validation. Its compact design suits both field "bump testing" and seamless integration into sample systems.

What's the secret? It uses high-pressure gases, mirroring measured gas composition for unbeatable accuracy. Moisture content adjustment via saturation pressure ensures swift, precise results, surpassing temperature changes.

And there's more – compatibility with various high-pressure gas supplies simplifies the process without compromising accuracy, no matter the analyzer's pressure. Unlock applications across industries: ensuring product quality, monitoring vapor concentrations, refining petrochemical processes, and optimizing natural gas operations.
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