What Is Dithiazine?

MonoEthanolAmine Triazine (MEA Triazine) is commonly used to scavenge hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from natural gas. In two consecutive and irreversible reactions, MEA Triazine (I) reacts with H2S to form Thiadiazine (III) and then Dithiazine (V). The reaction is fast, effective, and can provide a cost-effective means to meet H2S tariff requirements. The problem lies in the final product. Dithiazine is a low vapour pressure compound that can become entrained in the natural gas at the parts per billion level. Even at these low levels, it can cause problems for upstream operations once it precipitates out of the solution due to changes in pressure and temperature. After it precipitates, dithiazine can plug filters, disrupt compressors, and cause valves to malfunction. The presence of dithiazine threatens significant losses in productivity through downtime and repair costs.

Dithiazine Reaction

Our Expertise

Insight Analytical Solutions is the leading industry expert on detecting and measuring dithiazine. We have developed in working with Alberta Sulphur Research Ltd. the only commercially available dithiazine analysis system capable of detection down into the parts per trillion range. The system traps diathiazine on a stable chemical substrate over a period of time and from a known volume of gas. The trap is then sent to our labs for analysis. There, the dithiazine is removed from the trap and the concentration that was present in the gas phase can be determined. This system will allow producers, pipeline companies, and end users to reliably determine if dithiazine is present in their sample and if so, at what concentration.

Insight Analytical has a number of solutions available to help you handle the dithiazine problem.

Dithiazine Detection

Our onsite dithiazine detection kits offer a quick and affordable option for determining if dithiazine is present in a sample. Frequently, solid samples are observed in pipeline applications and there is no convenient method for determining if the solid is dithiazine, sulfur, or some other pipeline contaminant. Sending samples off to a lab means days, or even weeks, before any actionable data is available. Instead, just follow the simple steps included in our portable testing kit and have useful results in minutes. A simple liquid phase reaction and a color change will let you determine if the sample contains dithiazine.

Dithiazine Measurement

If you know you have dithiazine present in your sample and want a way to measure it immediately, there are options available. Dithiaziane, even at the parts per billion level, can be measured by time of flight mass spectroscopy. While sensitive and accurate, this method may prove too costly and cumbersome for field installation. Insight Analytical is also developing an online solution to dithiazine monitoring. Take advantage of our experience and expertise and let us tailor a solution that will work for you.

Photo of a Dithiazine Panel