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Systems Integration

Insight’s team of process analyzer engineering and technology experts have decades of experience in custom integration and sample system design. Our analyzer specialists provide support for every phase of your project, including:
Technical Project Definition. (Scope)
Front End Engineering Design. (FEED)
Detailed design.
Manufacturing, integration and testing.
Field commissioning and ongoing support.

Our integrated sample handling and fabrication capabilities have been applied on process analyzer systems around the world. Capabilities include:

Composite Sampler/Sample Collection System Design and Integration.
Gas or Liquid Phase Analyzer Sample Handling/Transport Systems.
Winterization/Climate Control Analyzer System Packages.
Sample System Design and Custom Engineering Packages.
Process Analyzer Training.
Customized Grab Sampling Systems.
Automated Grab Sampling Stations for Loading Applications.
Analyzer System Integration and Shelter Fabrication.
Analyzer Start-Up and Commissioning Services.
Sample System Consulting.

Technical Project Definition (Scope)

No project should begin without a clear understanding of the needs and requirements of all parties involved. Often, this requires an evaluation of any necessary reporting standards, custody transfer agreements or an in-depth understanding of the process. Whether the analytical measurement is for a crude oil blending skid, a fractionation tower, emissions monitoring or wastewater treatment, application knowledge can be the key to a successful project. We interface with the customer as well as the engineering company to evaluate the application requirements, available technical solutions and provide a preliminary engineering estimate. We also identify key stakeholders throughout the operation, and their role-specific requirements of the analytical measurement. Where appropriate, our skilled field personnel will make onsite visits to evaluate requirements.

Front End Engineering Design

FEED entails basic engineering to define the scope of work, the technical requirements as well as rough investment cost for the project. The FEED package may be used as the framework for a standardized bid package to integrators and suppliers.

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Insight specializes in ensuring close communication between the end users, plant operations and other stakeholders to ensure that all the clients project specific requirements are met. This helps avoid significant changes during the project bid and execution phase. A thorough and well-defined bid package shall be one of the deliverables from FEED and ensures that a complete framework, and scope, and schedule is presented to all potential suppliers.
Brownfield projects add additional complexity to the FEED. The first step must include efforts to document what is currently installed and to confirm the information that will be used as the basis from which the project can start. Site surveys and evaluation of the operability and maintenance requirements of existing systems are essential.

Detail Design

When designing analytical measurement installations, careful attention to every nuance is important in laying out a sample system. We provide years of experience in process analytical applications to design effective and maintainable systems. 

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Process analyzer installations have multiple facets and these all must be considered carefully. Timely and appropriate interaction with all stakeholders, including process/chemical engineers, control system engineers, civil and piping and construction engineer, are all necessary to ensure that all the systems requirements are achieved.
An online analyzer integration project may consist of some or all of the following deliverables:
Process Analyzers.
Calibration System.
Sample Extraction Probes.
Shelter Enclosure or Sample Panel.
Sample Transport System.
Sample Recovery system.
Sample conditioning system.
System Documentation.
Calibration / Carrier Gas Cylinders.
We develop three-dimensional models of every system we build prior to construction. 3D modeling for design allows the designer to see what they would not see when designing in 2D. 3D modeling help the designers and end users visualize space requirements, access to valves and controls and see how calibration and manual operations can be enacted. When shared with the end user, a consensus on layout and requirements can be assured before construction.

Manufacturing and Fabrication

Insight typically fabricates and tests its integrated systems in Calgary, but we have worked in collaboration with other suppliers such as local Swagelok distributors across North America. Our team can provide design, engineering, testing and service whether the project is done locally or remotely. In both cases, we bring our extensive knowledge, proven practices and attention to detail to ensure the final product is built to meet the agreed upon specifications.

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We view no job as too big or too small. From custom vaporization stations to grab sample systems to control panels to full analyzer shelters, all of our projects are fabricated in a 150,000 sq ft shop in Calgary northeast. We have multiple loading facilities including drive in ramps, loading docks and a full overhead crane to take large projects such as full shelters in and out of the facility. It is during fabrication that our detail to design pays off, as our detailed bills of materials and full 3-D assembly models allow production
and assembly to proceed in a timely and efficient manner. Journeymen electricians all the wiring and electrical, and our trained certified instrumentation technicians perform all internals.
Comfortably located between the airport and downtown, we are always happy to host a full factory inspection test. We provide detailed inspection test plans during our own internal inspection and will design a custom factory acceptance test plan to meet all your requirements. We pride ourselves on being full ready for acceptance tests and to have done everything possible to ensure that there are few punch list items to be addressed.

Service and Support

Insight has trained support out of three centers, Calgary, Edmonton and Grande Prairie. Insight's service team has years of experience and a commitment to excellence. Our installation and start-up services get you up and online, while keeping you on schedule. With comprehensive expertise and dedication to meeting your schedule, our technicians will start up your products and ensure that data communications and control are implemented to your satisfaction.

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Once your system is through dry commissioning, it is now ready undergo some performance testing. Our process is designed to systematically evaluate performance and readiness, and ensure all aspects of the system are performing as designed. As well, we will take laboratory samples for analysis, whether to prove system performance versus a third-party standard, or as part of building a chemometric model for an online analyzer.
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