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Moisture Generator Block

Revolutionizing gas analysis validation for precision moisture analysis. Compact, portable, and rugged design ensures reliability under any conditions (...)

Fast Sample System FSS-1

Explore precise gas analysis with the Insight Analytical Type 1 Sample System Block. Redefining standards through technology and compact design, for portable or fixed analyzers. (...)


DewPort™ is a portable hydrocarbon and water dew point analyzer. It is analogous to the manual chilled mirror, except that the human eye is replaced by a state-of-the-art infra-Red sensing mechanism (…)

XTDL Optical Moisture Analyzer

The XTDL™ is designed with a new proprietary optical sampling system specifically for the dirty blanket gases in your heat treating applications.  This analyzer provides a reliable and accurate measurement. (...)

Verax CTX

The Verax CTX represents JP3’s latest generation Near-Infrared analyzer designed specifically for oil and gas applications. With faster measurement times, four independent spectrometer detectors enhanced optical components, and a new flow cell, (...)

Composite Sampler

Insight Analytical’s composite sampler includes a mixer and an integrated constant pressure cylinder for NGLs and high vapor pressure samples. This design allows for filling directly from the accumulator into the cylinder after mixing. (…)

DewPoint Duo

ZEGAZ Instruments products use the patented CEIRS™ (Chilled-mirror Evanescent IR Spectroscopy) that combines the first-principle chilled-mirror method with advanced IR spectroscopy to accurately and unambiguously determine the dew point of water (...)

Grab Sampler

Many processes, pipelines, and operations are monitored by pulling samples and taking them to the lab. There are common issues like taking samples incorrectly or improper chain of custody. Insight Automated Grab Samplers prevent both of these issues by programming (…)


Barben Oxygen Analyzer Technology operates in a variety of industrial process applications to measure trace and percent level O2. Barben probes use a special O2 sensitive fluorescent coating which is mated with fiber optic cable and built into (…)

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