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By Barben Analytical

Barben Oxygen Analyzer Technology operates in a variety of industrial process applications to measure trace and percent level O2. Barben probes use a special O2 sensitive fluorescent coating which is mated with fiber optic cable and built into high-grade stainless steel fittings to measure the partial pressure of both dissolved and gaseous oxygen. The O2 probes show excellent long-term stability even withstanding rough process conditions. The OXYvisor is an oxygen analyzer best utilized to measure O2 concentration in continuous, online monitoring and control applications. The OXYvisor can measure O2 concentration by volume in any phase stream.


Original Equipment Manufacturer

- Barben Analytical OXYvisor

Fantastic Features

Measures O2 concentration in both gas & liquid phase applications.
Temperature & pressure compensated.
Measurement unaffected by %H2S, CO2, SO2, H2.
Auto-Calibration & Remote Validation capabilities.
USB Data trend storage.
Local display HMI for setup & configuration.

Amazing Applications

O2 in hydrocarbon streams.
Vapor recovery units.
Custody transfer/metering stations
Trace level O2 in flare gas.
Dissolved O2 in liquid/product streams.
O2 in methanol/ethanol/oils.
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