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Verax SSL

By JP3

The Verax SSL single stream liquid analyzer is built upon the same field-proven technology as the Verax CTX. The SSL produces rapid, reliable measurements of key compositional and physical properties for a wide range of applications across the oil & gas industry. The SSL provides fast stream composition of C1-C9+, BTU, API gravity, Vapor Pressure, etc. with excellent repeatability & reproducibility. JP3’s advanced technology means Verax analyzers produce zero emissions and require no carrier/calibration gases.


Original Equipment Manufacturer

- JP3 Verax SSL

Fantastic Features

Flow Cell in line at process temperatures and pressures - specially designed to prevent fouling.
Zero consumables, zero waste, no calibration gas required.
NIR laser absorption spectroscopy with proprietary chemometric modeling.
Rapid analysis time enabling real-time monitoring and control.

Amazing Applications

Natural Gas Composition & BTU.
Crude Oil - API Gravity and Vapor Pressure.
Turbine/Compressor Fuel Gas Monitoring.
Transmix Interface & Transition.
Gas Blending - Ethane/Propane.
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