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DewPort™ is a portable hydrocarbon and water dew point analyzer. It is analogous to the manual chilled mirror, except that the human eye is replaced by a state-of-the-art infra-Red sensing mechanism to detect the onset of the condensation and analyze the nature of the condensate. The cooling system in a manual system needs compressed gas, but it has been replaced with electronic cooling in DewPort™. DewPort™ provides a first-principle chilled mirror measurement that is the standard for such measurement and complies with ASTM D1142, ISO 6327, and ISO/TR 11150.


Original Equipment Manufacturer

- Zegaz DewPort™

Fantastic Features

Advanced CEIRS™ Technology.
First-Principle Chilled-Mirror Method.
Measures Both Water and Hydrocarbon Dew Points Using the Same Sensor.
Industry-Leading 70 ℃ Cooling Range.
State-of-the-Art Cooling System.
Mirror Immune to Degradation and Contamination.

Amazing Applications

Natural gas pipeline quality control for water and hydrocarbon dewpoint.
Boiler and gas turbine protection through measurement of hydrocarbon dewpoint.
Monitoring chemical plant inlet of hydrocarbon streams for dewpoint protection.
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