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Cost-effective dual channel system capable of measuring moisture and carbon dioxide, enhancing cost savings by incorporating two sensors in one. The SS3000 immediately provides the average of four measurements per second in real-time, unaffected (…)

Raman All-In-One

The MarqMetrix Raman All-In-One is everything needed to take high-quality and non-destructive Raman measurements without sample preparation. Combined into a single unit, the AIO includes a spectrometer, laser, TouchRaman® BallProbe®, and built-in (…)

Verax CTXe

The Verax CTXe represents JP3’s latest generation of optical, online, field-deployable analyzer for measuring hydrocarbon composition in both liquid and gas streams across the oil & gas industry. The Verax CTXe’s patented NIR optical spectroscopy (…)

Gen3 Microwave Switch

The feature that separates this technology apart from the other microwave switch's is that it does not use traditional linear polarization - The G3 emits a high power circular polarized microwave pulse from a sending unit to a receiving (…)

PSC3-OXY Portable

The PSC3-OXY is a portable carrying case option for the 4401OXY Oxygen Analyzer. With all the benefits of the 4401OXY, the PSC3-OXY can measure trace level oxygen in the field in a self-contained, ruggedized, and weather-resistant case. Includes sample (…)


Barben O2 Analyzer Technology operates in a variety of industrial process applications to measure trace and percent level O2. Barben probes use a special O2 sensitive fluorescent coating which is mated with fiber optic cable and built into (…)

9610 BTU Calorimeter

One of the latest instruments from COSA+Xentaur for measuring Wobbe Index, BTU, and CARI (Combustion Air Requirement Index). The COSA 9610 Wobbe Index Meter’s measuring principle is based on the analysis of the oxygen content after combustion of (…)

Praetorian FOS

Hawk Measurements Praetorian Fibre Optic Sensing System measures for vibration, strain, and temperature – or any of the three depending on the application. Hawk’s real intuitive signal analysis software continuously monitors, (…)

Senator Series

Hawk’s Free Space Radar Level Transmitters are non-intrusive and utilize Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) technology. Hawk has developed 6 transmitters of 2 different frequencies to choose from, making it possible to provide level control (...)

Our extensive experience in the industry enables us to support online process analytical instrumentation projects through all of their phases.
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