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DewPoint Duo

ZEGAZ Instruments products use the patented CEIRS™ (Chilled-mirror Evanescent IR Spectroscopy) that combines the first-principle chilled-mirror method with advanced IR spectroscopy to accurately and unambiguously determine the dew point of water (...)

Grab Sampler

Many processes, pipelines, and operations are monitored by pulling samples and taking them to the lab. There are common issues like taking samples incorrectly or improper chain of custody. Insight Automated Grab Samplers prevent both of these issues by programming (…)


Barben Oxygen Analyzer Technology operates in a variety of industrial process applications to measure trace and percent level O2. Barben probes use a special O2 sensitive fluorescent coating which is mated with fiber optic cable and built into (…)

Verax SSL

The Verax SSL single stream liquid analyzer is built upon the same field-proven technology as the Verax CTX. The SSL produces rapid, reliable measurements of key compositional and physical properties for a wide range of applications across the oil (…)

9610 BTU Calorimeter

One of the latest instruments from COSA+Xentaur for measuring Wobbe Index, BTU, and CARI (Combustion Air Requirement Index). The COSA 9610 Wobbe Index Meter’s measuring principle is based on the analysis of the oxygen content after combustion of (…)

Dithiazine Testing Panel

Insight Analytical has developed and commercialized a unique method to measure parts per trillion to parts per billion levels of dithiazine in pipelines. A sample panel is installed at site. The sample panel allows a controlled flow of natural gas at line pressure to run over an absorber column (…)

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