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DewPoint Duo


ZEGAZ Instruments products use the patented CEIRS™ (Chilled-mirror Evanescent IR Spectroscopy) that combines the first-principle chilled-mirror method with advanced IR spectroscopy to accurately and unambiguously determine the dew point of water and hydrocarbons in natural gas streams for pressures of up to 2000 psig. These analyzers are rated for Hazardous Location operation.


Original Equipment Manufacturer

- Zegaz Dewpoint Duo

CSA Cl 1, Div 1, B,C,D

Fantastic Features

No calibration.
No consumables.
Immune to contaminants.
Robust and highly reliable.

Amazing Applications

Natural gas pipeline quality control for water and hydrocarbon dewpoint.
Boiler and gas turbine protection through measurement of hydrocarbon dewpoint.
Monitoring chemical plant inlet of hydrocarbon streams for dewpoint protection.
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