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9610 BTU Calorimeter

By Process Insights

One of the latest instruments from COSA+Xentaur for measuring Wobbe Index, BTU, and CARI (Combustion Air Requirement Index). The COSA 9610 Wobbe Index Meter’s measuring principle is based on the analysis of the oxygen content after combustion of the sample. A continuous gas sample is mixed with dry air at a precisely maintained ratio, dependent on the BTU range of the gas to be measured. Key advantages to using this measuring principle, based on the Residual Oxygen Measurement Method, are its insensitivity to changes in ambient temperature, very fast response times with the ability to measure BTU values down to zero.


Original Equipment Manufacturer

- BTU Calorimeter



Fantastic Features

High Accuracy.
Fast Response.
Large Measurement Range.
Measures Low BTU Gases.
Low Maintenance.
Flameless / No Flameouts.

Amazing Applications

Turbine Control.
Flare Stack Control.
Fuel Optimization.
Gas Blending.
Custody Transfer.
Hyco Plant Control.
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