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Verax CTX

By JP3

The Verax CTX represents JP3’s latest generation Near-Infrared analyzer designed specifically for oil and gas applications. With faster measurement times, four independent spectrometer detectors enhanced optical components, and a new flow cell, the Verax CTX provides significant improvements in measurement speed, quality, repeatability, stability, and reliability in even the harshest environments. Natural gas or liquids can be accurately analyzed to obtain hydrocarbon composition, Vapor Pressure, BTU, API gravity, and other physical properties. Verax CTX is now certified for Natural Gas Custody Transfer applications as well.


Original Equipment Manufacturer

- JP3 Verax CTX

Fantastic Features

Custom Flow Cell in-line at process temperature and pressure to prevent fouling and minimize maintenance requirements.
Rapid measurement time enabling real-time monitoring & control.
No sampling system or shelter required - zero waste, zero emissions.
Multi-Cell flow option for multiple stream analysis.

Amazing Applications

Gas Plant Fractionation.
Fuel Gas Monitoring.
Truck/Tank/Rail On-load and Off-load Control.
Stabilizer Optimization.
Real-time Vapor Pressure Control for Liquids/Crude.
On-line Crude Tower Control.
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