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Dithiazine Testing Panel

By Insight Analytical

Insight Analytical has developed and commercialized a unique method to measure parts per trillion to parts per billion levels of dithiazine in pipelines. A sample panel is installed at site. The sample panel allows a controlled flow of natural gas at line pressure to run over an absorber column, which captures any dithiazine in the gas. The system may be allowed to run for days or even a week, allowing the dithiazine to build up in the trap. The trap can then be returned to Insight Analytical, where the dithiazine is extracted and measured. With detection limits as low as 100 parts per trillion, Insight Analytical can provide reliable and precise determination of dithiazine in pipeline and natural gas processing applications.


Fantastic Features

Measurements at parts per billion levels.
Easy fast field deployment.
Identify Dithiazine deposits in minutes.
Trap type method for Dithiazine absorption.
Integrated flow meter for lab analysis.

Amazing Applications

Determination of Dithiazine in natural gas pipelines.
Protection of rotating equipment/compressors.
Prevention of service interruption.
Identification of solid & liquid contamination.
H₂S scrubbers on hydrocarbon seems.
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