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The UWT Vibranivo series use a piezo-electrically stimulated vibrating fork for reliable level monitoring as full, demand, or empty detectors in bulk good silos. The versatility of the Vibranivo series makes it suitable for applications with (…)


Single-rod limit switch designed for use in various applications within the bulk material handling industry. The Mononivo can be used as a full, demand, or empty detector for use in storage and process containers. Using the same operating principle as (…)


The Rotonivo is a trusted, multifunctional electromechanical level limit switch that is used to monitor the level of virtually all bulk goods. Based on a simple, reliable measuring principle, the Rotonivo paddle switches can be (…)

NPT Probe

The Insight Analytical NPT sample quill probe has a NPT process connection and another male NPT connection for an isolation valve. It is designed for most gas phase applications, the common practice of specifying probe length to locate the tip in the center third of the pipe (…)

Scoop Probe

The Insight Analytical Liquid Fast Loop probe creates a differential pressure from moving process fluid, driving flow in an external fast loop for analysis; eliminating the requirement for pumps or low-pressure vents.

Zone 1 Carryover Sensor

This carryover sensor is designed to detect the presence of liquids such as water, glycol, and alcohols in gas phase analyzer sample systems at pressure up to 3450 kPag (500 psig). It functions as a combination of cyclone separator, knock-out pot, and liquid carryover sensor. (…)

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