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By UWT Level

RFnivo Level Switches are designed for use with bulk solids, granulates, powders and pastes, as well as liquids and highly viscous oils. The unit can be used as full, demand, or empty detectors, and as overfill protection in silos, tanks, hoppers, pipelines, etc. The RFnivo point level switch can come designed to withstand extreme process conditions. “Active Shield” technology ensures reliability of the unit within applications containing foam, bridging, material deposits or material with strong caking properties.


Original Equipment Manufacturer

- UWT Level RFnivo

Fantastic Features

Quick easy set-up & installation.
Auto-calibration to uncovered state on first power-up, full manual calibration.
Re/self-calibration options.
Self-diagnostics for internal electronic functionality.
Active shield technology - allows the unit to measure while ignoring probe build-up & electronically compensated conductive probe build-up
Pre-selected sensitivity to work in most applications - can be changed where required.

Amazing Applications

Certified for all bulk solid applications -flour, grain, sugar, cement, granulate, carbon black. Also for slurries & liquids.
Building materials industry - lime, moulding sand, etc.
Food industry - sugar, flour, salt, etc.
Plastic industry - plastic granules, etc.
Chemical industry - pigments.
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