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The MAX300-RTG uses cutting edge quadrupole mass spectrometer technology to deliver continuous online composition monitoring of industrial gas streams. Rapid, accurate gas analysis enables high-precision reactor control and increased production (…)


The ATOM SLA-1000 has the fastest analysis time of any commercially available analyzer allowing user-defined, multiple cycle averaging to improve analyzer performance. The analyzer operating software is both intuitive and user-friendly. (…)

Hydrocarbon DewPoint Analyzer

HCD5000™ is designed for the measurement of hydrocarbon dew point of a natural gas stream at pressures up to 2000 psi. It is based on the groundbreaking CEIRS™(Chilled-Mirror Evanescent IR Spectroscopy). HCD5000™ is by far the most advanced analyzer of its kind (…)

Verax CTXe

The Verax CTXe represents JP3’s latest generation of optical, online, field-deployable analyzer for measuring hydrocarbon composition in both liquid and gas streams across the oil & gas industry. The Verax CTXe’s patented NIR optical spectroscopy (…)


Barben O2 Analyzer Technology operates in a variety of industrial process applications to measure trace and percent level O2. Barben probes use a special O2 sensitive fluorescent coating which is mated with fiber optic cable and built into (…)

Water Dewpoint Analyzer

WDP5000™ is the only analyzer designed for the first-principle detection of moisture dewpoint in natural gas. Most other analyzers measure moisture content at low pressure and then estimate water dewpoint at a higher pressure. WDP5000™ uses a novel implementation (…)

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