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Division 2 Carryover Sensor

This carryover sensor is designed to detect the presence of liquids such as water, glycol, and alcohols in gas phase analyzer sample systems at pressure up to 3450 kPag (500 psig). It functions as a combination of cyclone separator, knock-out pot, and liquid carryover sensor. (…)

Nessi Probe

The Insight Analytical ½” NPT NESSI Sample probe is a modular, configurable and economic solution for providing sample conditioning at the process connection. (…)

2Way Spring Return Valve

The Insight Analytical Solutions 2-Way Auto Return Valve is a manual ball valve equipped with a spring that ensures that it will remain in the normally closed position unless (…)

3Way Spring Return Valve

The Insight Analytical Solutions 3-Way Spring Return Valve is a manual stream switching valve equipped with a spring that ensures that it will be in its home position unless the valve (…)

Raman All-In-One

The MarqMetrix Raman All-In-One is everything needed to take high-quality and non-destructive Raman measurements without sample preparation. Combined into a single unit, the AIO includes a spectrometer, laser, TouchRaman® BallProbe®, and built-in (…)

Model 1221

The Universal Analyzers Model 1221 Series distillation sample probes are manufactured for demanding on-line gas analysis applications. The Model 1221 Solution has been designed to resolve key issues surrounding plant performance by improving (...)

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