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Moisture Generator Block

By Insight Analytical

The Insight Analytical Moisture Generator (Patent Pending) is a groundbreaking device that revolutionizes gas analyzer validation, providing precise and reliable moisture analysis. Its compact, portable, and rugged design allows for both portable "bump testing" of field moisture analyzers and permanent integration into analyzer sample systems. With the ability to utilize high-pressure sample gases, including natural gas, the generator ensures accurate validation with the same gas composition being measured, identifying any potential effects of sample gas composition on analyzer accuracy. Its innovative moisture content adjustment using saturation pressure results in quick response times, stabilizing much faster than temperature changes. The device is compatible with a variety of high-pressure gas supplies, requires no expensive or high-maintenance components, and is unaffected by the analyzer's operating pressure, guaranteeing accuracy under any conditions.


Fantastic Features

Utilizes high-pressure sample gases, including natural gas, for accurate validation with the gas being measured.
Rapid response time with moisture content adjustment via saturation pressure, stabilizing quickly without temperature changes.
Compatible with a wide range of high-pressure gas supplies, including gas from cylinders or high-pressure natural gas.
Not influenced by the analyzer's operating pressure, maintaining accuracy under varying conditions.
Avoids expensive or high-maintenance components like mass flow controllers, heaters, or coolers, ensuring cost-effectiveness and simplicity of use.

Amazing Applications

Portable moisture generator for "bump testing" of field moisture analyzers.
Permanent integration into analyzer sample systems.
Environmental monitoring of water vapor concentration in air or gas samples.
Industrial process control to ensure product quality and safety.
Petrochemical refineries to prevent corrosion and maintain equipment integrity.
Natural gas processing for compliance and efficient operation.
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