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Composite Sampler

By Insight Analytical

Composite samplers are designed to sample hydrocarbon liquids with densities of 780-950 kg/m³ (such as crude oil), condensate with densities of 650-750 kg/m³, and Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) with densities of 350-650 kg/m³. Insight Analytical’s composite sampler includes a mixer and an integrated constant pressure cylinder for NGLs and high vapor pressure samples. This design allows for filling directly from the accumulator into the cylinder after mixing. This improves sample integrity by avoiding the need to connect cylinders to the accumulator with tube fittings and reduces sampling errors when piston cylinders are filled for off-site analysis.


Fantastic Features

Customizable design with full CRN in all configurations.
Simplified operations with color-coded valves and detailed instructions.
Complete solution for pipeline and custody transfer applications.

Amazing Applications

LPG for ship loading and offloading.
Integrates with all LACT units.
Applicable to all volatile liquids.
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