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Dithiazine Testing Kit

CAD $590.00CAD $1,405.00


Dithiazine is a chemical that sometimes forms in hydrocarbon fluids, particularly when using a H2S scrubber such as Triazine. Dithiazine, though benign, can cause problems when process conditions such as temperature or pressure change. This can lead to dithiazine deposits in system components such as regulators and ultimately, blockage/failure. This has been known to happen in Natural Gas pipelines.

Dithiazine as a solid deposit has historically had to be sent to the lab for analysis. Our crystal-clear blue indicator solution saves time and money with this quick easy determination – if the crystal-clear blue becomes cloudy green, there is dithiazine present!

Insight’s Dithiazine Test Kits are shipped with 6 bottles containing a patented reagent, formulated specifically to react with dithiazine for this easy determination. Adding your sample to the bottle and a quick shake is all that's required to determine IF you have dithiazine present in your system. When dithiazine is present the blue solution undergoes an evident color change. This color change could take up to a few minutes to happen if the sample of dithiazine is not very pure or if the sample is oily.



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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 9 × 5 in
Kit Size

6 Bottles, 20 Bottles

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