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ATEX/IECE Zone 1 Carryover Sensor

CAD $2,790.00


This carryover sensor is designed to detect the presence of liquids such as water, glycol, and alcohols in gas phase analyzer sample systems at pressure up to 3450 kPag (500 psig). It functions as a  combination of cyclone separator, knock-out pot, and liquid carryover sensor.

The sample housing has an upper section made from electroless nickel plated aluminum with 1/8” NPT inlet and output ports, with the inlet gas going through a 2 mm diameter orifice and flowing tangentially into a small diameter bore. This inlet geometry results in large centrifugal forces on the gas sample which tends to move denser components such as liquid aerosols and particulates radially outward towards the walls of the housing where they can coalesce. Any liquids or particulates that are separated from the gas collect at the inside bottom of the lower housing, which is made from glass-filled PEEK.

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Weight 1.33 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 3 in
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