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PSC3-OXY Portable

By Barben Analytical

The PSC3-OXY is a portable carrying case option for the 4401OXY Oxygen Analyzer. With all the benefits of the 4401OXY, the PSC3-OXY can measure trace level oxygen in the field in a self-contained, ruggedized, and weather-resistant case. Includes sample conditioning system for wet, dirty natural gasses and quick connect fittings for sample inlet & sample outlet. The PSC3-OXY seamlessly integrates with the 4401OXY, BOS FIBERSENSE Oxygen Sensor, and PT1000 RTD, all of which are included in an application-specific package.


Original Equipment Manufacturer

- Barben Analytical PSC3-OXY Portable

Fantastic Features

Impervious to usual O2 poisons & interferences (%H2S, CO2, SO2, H2, etc.)
Quick response times with high accuracy & long-term stability.
No membranes to foul, electrolytes to poison, or O2 consumption.
UL rated power cord & wrap hooks for cord or gas tubing storage.
Accurate measurement of the partial pressure of oxygen in both gas & liquid phase.

Amazing Applications

Fast % level to trace ppm O2 measurements in natural gas samples.
O2 measurements in natural gas pipelines.
O2 leak detection at compressors.
Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) testing.
Trace level oxygen in flare gas.
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