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By Process Insights

The ATOM SGA-1000 has the fastest analysis time of any commercially available analyzer allowing user-defined, multiple cycle averaging to improve analyzer performance. The analyzer operating software is both intuitive and user-friendly. In addition, the ATOM SGA -1000 only requires bottled Air for normal operation and does not require installation in a shelter.


Original Equipment Manufacturer

- SGA-1000

Fantastic Features

Designed for high-speed analysis and fast response times.
Cycle time is user-selectable – with the standard cycle time being 100 seconds.
Easily reconfigured for a cycle time of 60seconds.
Allows for stable and accurate analysis for both high and low sulfur concentrations below 1ppm.

Amazing Applications

Natural Gas.
Reforming and isomerization.
Catalyst Protection.
Blending Operations.
Flare and Stack Gas.
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