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Verax SSG

By JP3

The Verax SSG single stream gas analyzer is built upon the same field-proven technology as the Verax CTX. The SSG produces rapid, reliable measurements of key compositional and physical properties for a wide range of applications across the oil & gas industry. The SSG provides fast stream composition of C1-C6+, BTU, Relative Density, etc. with excellent repeatability & reproducibility. JP3’s advanced technology means Verax analyzers produce zero emissions and require no carrier/calibration gases.


Original Equipment Manufacturer

- JP3 Verax SSG

Fantastic Features

No consumables, emissions, or sample conditioning system.
Solar as well as standard 120V AC/24V DC power options.
NIR laser absorption spectroscopy and proprietary chemometric modeling.
Fully supported 24hour monitoring making even remote applications economical.
Flow cell installed directly in the process at operating temperature & pressure.

Amazing Applications

Natural gas custody transfer applications, composition & BTU.
RVP or VPCRx for crude & condensates.
API gravity and vapor pressure of crude oil.
Refined product pipeline composition, gravity, flashpoint.
Transmix interface and transition.
Turbine/compressor fuel gas monitoring.
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