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By UWT Level

The Capanivo series level detector can be used as a full/demand or empty detector, as well as for leakage detection in any kind of liquid. It is a versatile capacitance switch, applicable for level detection of solids, liquids, slurries, foams, and for simple pump control. Due to the resistant materials of construction, even aggressive media with strong adhering properties is reliably detected. Non-contact measurement options along with different device versions to suit all installation situations.


Original Equipment Manufacturer

- UWT Level Capanivo

Fantastic Features

Potted construction for resistance to shock/vibration/humidity/condensation.
Highly chemical resistant probe.
Very high sensitivity - dielectric from 1.5 DK.
Integrated local display options available.
Rigid/cable versions available.
Freely programmable set-up covers wide range of applications & materials.

Amazing Applications

Liquids, solids, slurries, interface, foam detection.
Back-pressure detection.
Dry run protection.
Valve control.
Chemical & Petrochemical.
High process pressure/temperature.
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