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August 20, 2021
Biggest changes in Coal Consumption! 2018

Lets give credit where credit is due - no one on the green side is going to want to believe this but good old USA - under the reign of The Donald - had the largest REDUCTION in coal consumption as they switched to natural gas. The USA reduced coal consumption by 163 TerraWatt hours […]

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August 19, 2021
The World Has Been Investing $300 Bln/Year On Renewables to Reduce Reliance On Fossil Fuels - IS IT WORKING?

While much is made of the rapid deployment of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar in the last decade, have we really made a difference? One might expect that the reported huge growth has significantly changed the energy profile of the world and our potential to save ourselves from the newly coined term […]

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August 12, 2021
Optimization of air-to-fuel ratio control with the COSA 9610.

The measuring principle of the COSA 9610 Wobbe Index Meter is based on the analysis of residual oxygen content in the flue gas after the combustion of the sample. A continuous gas sample is mixed with dry air at a precisely maintained constant ratio, dependent on the BTU range of the gas to be measured. […]

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August 8, 2021
How effective has it been to fight against pipelines?

How effective has it been to fight against pipelines ? The USA has increased imports from Russia while the liberals the greens and the NDP in Canada along with Biden fight against pipelines.Quebec bans a natural gas pipeline - which would ship the most ESG compliant natural gas in the world to overseas markets to […]

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August 4, 2021
Someone mentioned the West's Historic CO2 bills

Someone mentioned the West's Historic CO2 bills - saying if you go back to 1750 the industrial revolution increased CO2 emissions - and used a graphic to show that from 1750 to the Present the US had contributed 25% of the world's emissions, and China only 13 %. Seems like a valid point. However... If […]

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July 30, 2021
Questionable business ethics and stupid B.S.

There are more than a few things that piss me off, with questionable business ethics near the top of the list, but closely followed by stupid B.S. Both of these are readily apparent in our Canadian Federal government and both are contributed to globally by the news media. OK - time to put some specifics […]

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